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Flexible Life Balance


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Rethink?

I always got very uncomfortable with former employers or just people telling me, “this is how we’ve always done it,” and carry on with life without ever questioning anything. The world is constantly evolving, and I believe it is our nature to learn, grow, question, and rethink. What I love about this word is that it still gives space to move forward if we don’t find a better option, but it also provides a world of opportunities to do things better for us and those around us. 

What is a conscious lifestyle?

It is a life where you focus on your personal growth so you can live your true vision and think twice before taking action, especially if it impacts others. By just living on this planet, we have an impact on our environment and societies, especially in the Global North. We have a responsibility to stop and reverse the damage we’ve done. Everyone should rethink what kind of world they want to leave behind. 

How can we work together?

There are many ways we can work together. Feel free to browse through this site, use the contact form or email me to send me a message. You can reach out for anything, whether you would like more information about my courses and workshops, hire me 1:1, be a host on my podcast, want to host a talk together or an event, or just share thoughts; my channels are open. 

Why do you advocate for Sustainability?

Because we’ve gone too far in how we consume this planet and how we extract from it or people without care, I think sustainability as a whole is a journey, with so many actions to take – with different priorities depending on your region and position in life; this shouldn’t be a marketing tool but rather a chance for everyone to have a positive impact on people, wildlife, and the planet. I also see a clear connection between entrepreneurs and sustainable development as we are well positioned to create meaningful change.