Storytelling and Branding Support for Impact Entrepreneurs


You are an entrepreneur with a business running or a clear Business Plan. You are ready for your next stage of growth. You need help clarifying your message with high-quality storytelling and refining your branding to translate everything that’s in your head into a structured strategy and business material (including all Marketing tools).

Content Marketing with Sustainability topics & leadership centerstage


You know your company needs to put content out for visibility and authority. You may know if you need print publications, online articles, or content for your social media and are also aware of the Sustainable Development Goals your company aligns with. You are unsure how to position yourself through content; we know how to produce it in a way that positions you as a leader in your field.

Conscious Entrepreneur, Strategies & Marketing Roadmap


You are a seasoned entrepreneur or marketer. You understand we have moved into a “New World” where people and planet are centerstage, sustainability can’t be ignored and the concept of Conscious Entrepreneurship is still a little vague to you, let alone knowing how to implement it. We’ve curated full courses and workshops to help you transition smoothly.


Check out my favorite tool to organize everything

Notion is the tool I recommend to everyone who wants to track goals and projects!


Hear it from more people I’ve supported


"What I loved about the Rethink Your Life Workshop is that it helped me visualize in a very concrete way."

Finding a real purpose in my professional path is not something I grew up thinking about.
I never saw a clear bridge between what I love to do/ the type of life I want to live vs. my professional plan. I always felt that I had to take a job, work for someone else’s project, or work for money to fit in a box. I’ve always done a lot of personal development but never was this work linked to my career ambitions. What I loved about the Rethink Your Life Workshop is that it helped me concretely visualize this bridge between personal and professional happiness. Nathalie asks very concrete questions and puts you in everyday life situations that truly helped me understand what I lacked to accomplish the “happy bridge,” as I call it.

Social Entrepreneur


“I went from struggling alone to valuable guidance with Nathalie"

When launching my startup 4 years ago I was so lost with the different people I had to hire to have effective marketing, spending hours online to figure it out. Meeting Nathalie was a game-changer as she helped map out what I needed for my business and worked with me almost as a team to get things done and launched.

Founder e-commerce


"Always a pleasure working together with Nathalie on new projects"

Creative Entrepreneur


"Thankful for the clarity I got from her to help me digest Branding and Marketing"

My job is to do my job as a lawyer, and I am so glad I could count on Nathalie to guide me through what she does best: marketing. She made things easy for me to understand and implement even with zero knowledge of how to launch my firm.



"If you’re considering working with her on a project, make sure you’re ready to bring your 100% A-game"

Nathalie has left a bright spot in my business. Working with Nathalie is a dream because she only takes on the most exciting creative projects with clients of the highest caliber. Besides having a work ethic that is second to none, her eye for detail and dedication to her craft are inspiring. She brings out the best in everyone she works with and manages to turn every final project into a work of art.
If you require her services, you can be sure to expect nothing short of excellence.

Service Provider


“We feel at peace knowing Nathalie represents our company in public"

“Nathalie's work ethic, vision, and personality are what make our organization's marketing a success. We know we can trust her, and trust her with our brand's image out in the world, and the work she delivers is the added bonus.”

Founder & CEO