Rethink Your Life

A GOOD FIT FOR YOU IF you want to live the best life you can ever dream of on your own terms

√ Online DYI Guided Workshop
√ You will get clarity, relief and a plan to move forward
√ Workshop completed in approx 1 month (3 phases of 4 hours + self-reflexion time)
√ Bonus: 2x 45min coaching calls included until March 2024

The BrandStart Method 

Take your Business to Life in under 60 days! Self-paced Course

A GOOD FIT FOR YOU IF: You are a service-providing entrepreneur rebranding or starting a new business. You don’t know where to begin and wondering if you need an agency to help with brand foundations, branding, marketing, and communication. I designed the most complete and accessible step-by-step course for you to follow at your own pace to bring your business to life in just 60 days (or however long you decide)! If you think you need an agency, let me help you Rethink (and save you a lot of time & money)! Are you excited to get started?

Coming mid 2024

Conscious Entrepreneur

Be future-proofed, where people & planet are centerstage: Understand, Implement, and Grow.

Marketing FR

Branding, Marketing & Comms do-it-yourself guided course for rebranding and launch, in French!


Clarify your DNA with high-quality storytelling and refine your branding with a structured strategy.